Why this matters

Who is this book for?

Theater artists, dance artists, and musicians in certain genres (world, jazz, new classical, some folk). Any performing artist that creates original work for the live stage.

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What makes this book important?

Performing artists aren’t usually taught the skills they need to make a go of it in the world. That’s not ok. You deserve this information. This is a book that won’t become outdated in two to five years.

With changes and innovations in the field I will revise and expound on information relevant to your needs as an artist. People who contribute to the campaign will get these “living document” updates for life.


How will this shift my career?

This a pull-no-punches account of what you need to be aware of from biz fundamentals, collective ownership and creating a nation-wide movement of change that can’t be ignored.

All Illustrations by Sita Magnuson