Section 1

Hi everyone,

A quick update from the Ruthless Reciprocity desk. I've put myself on a firm schedule of writing each weekday and it's both amazing and hard. Right now I'm working through Section 1, which goes over all the nuts and bolts: marketing, fundraising, the grant system, identity building, etc.

This will be the longest section of the book and so I'm setting a deadline so I can super focus. As I write this I keep wondering things like "Do I really have to write why it's so important that every artist have website?". Then I remember what my workshops are like, where so many people feel completely lost in what to do first and how to even take a first step. I keep re-reading what I've written wondering if it would serve my 22 year old self. If the answer is yes, I feel like it's a good first draft.

In general I look forward to moving on to Section 2 on Community Building and Section 3 on The Future of the Field. Writing about press releases and why you should only use social media that you actually enjoy can seem monotonous and simplistic at times, but I have to remember that this section is to help a whole field of people who never got these resources in college. I learned ALL of this on my own, and so I write from that perspective, which I think cuts through a lot of the bullshit. More soon!