Speaking Engagements/ Keynotes

With a strong background as a solo performer, arts advocate and writer, Seth has a natural ease on stage. His ability to talk about complicated and uncomfortable topics while keeping his audience in stitches is summed up by the tagline “walking the fine line of earnest sincerity and mischievous irony”. 

Signature Talks include:

Flattening the Hierarchy of the Performing Arts Field

Share and Share Alike: Why the Sharing Economy is Your Bottomline

The Creative Economy Vs. Arts Economy: A Distinguishment Worth Investigating

Finding Your People: Who You Choose to Work With and Why

Bringing Artists into The Decision Making Process.




Hustle Bustle

Audience-driven absurdity with a sincere twist

Lepore takes suggestions from audience members pre-show on index cards about the field of the performing arts, and uses a stream-of-consciousness approach to build characters that are steeped in hundreds of hours of research. Led by the tongue-in-cheek Master of Ceremonies Emanual Manual, Lepore embodies what makes the performing arts field so beautiful, unique and fallible.