Based on years of research and teaching his crash course "The Nuts and Bolts of Being a Performing Artist," RUTHLESS RECIPROCITY breaks down the current issues in the performing arts field and the methods to resolve those complexities into three sections:

  1. What we’re expected to know but are never taught.
  2. The way to collectively work on the business aspects so we’re not weighed down by it.
  3. The future of the field. A call-to-action which creates a strategic and collective movement in order to take full ownership and control of our careers as performers.
Illustration by Sita Magnuson

Illustration by Sita Magnuson


Top photo: Foster Johns, Hannah K. Holman and Siddeeqah Shabazz in Savage Umbrella's THESE ARE THE MEN, April 2015. Photo by Carl Atiya Swanson.